My Daily Mindset

Question Everything! (Do Your Own Research)

July 06, 2021 Casey Moran Season 1 Episode 126
My Daily Mindset
Question Everything! (Do Your Own Research)
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If you are not questioning are living someone else's truth or lie. Today, learn how to take control of your life and your decisions by doing your own research.

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Do your own research on everything. Question everything. Otherwise, you're living somebody else's truth or their life. Welcome to my Daily Mindset, where you get an inspirational, educational and motivational message each day to help you live your best life. Yesterday I talked about food eating, how it's so important to just your overall attitude, the way you look, just life in general, right? You get out what you put in. Now, when I talk about food and diet and things like that, I don't want to assume everybody knows what's good and what's not right, because we are so misled in this society. You look at something that's, like, all natural and it sounds healthy. But if you really understand what the FDA requires, all natural, which you can actually put in your stuff and still have that as a saying, it's ridiculous. So that's where it comes to us. We have to be responsible for our own actions. We can't rely on other people. Tv is one of those things I grew up on, and I know a lot of people and not just TV, but social media. Now that's their news. That's their reference points. And that's sad, because if you want, I could probably every commercial that's on, I could dissect and point out where they're trying to mislead you. It just happened. That's marketing 101, right. You can say certain words, and it leads you to believe it's this when it's actually not. So Here's the point of all of this. You are responsible for yourself. Do not please do not just rely on social media and the news and whatever to give you proper and correct information. You must do your own research, always on everything, especially when it comes to putting stuff into your body. Learn. Learn about what is actually in the food and turn it around and look at the ingredients. Right? It's amazing. Sometimes you're like, Oh, this look healthy, and you turn around and look at the gradient. You're like, Oh, my gosh, first of all, I don't even know what that word is. I can't pronounce that one. And then you look it up, you Google it. And this is how you do it. By the way, the next time you look at something that looks good, turn the box around, turn whatever it is around and look at the ingredients. And if there's 50 ingredients, first of all, don't buy it. Less ingredients is better, period. And then go through the ingredients. And do you know what they are? And if you don't look them up, Google it. Like, this is where you do your own research. This is what you get to learn. And then soon, when I say soon, it may take six months. It may take a year or whatever until you can just look at something and go, that's healthy. That's not you'll start to know, but a lot of people right now it's just a guessing game, and they're relying on corporations that the whole goal for them is their bottom line and make money to tell them what's healthy or not. So that statement and by itself, you should realize corporations are not looking out for your best interest. Period. So do your own research today, starting today, this week. Next time you're buying things or just start to make it a habit, turn it around. What are the ingredients? Do I know what they are? If not, look them up, start to educate yourself on what you're putting into your body. This goes for everything in life. By the way, do your own research on everything. Question everything. Otherwise, you're living somebody else's truth or their life. All right, go ahead. Have an amazing one. And remember, this is your life. Live it your way. Hey, thanks for listening today. I appreciate it if you did enjoy it and you got some value of it. Hey, share it with somebody. Also, if you can give us a review on whether it's Apple podcast or whatever format you listen to. Also, I want to let you know that, Hey, the motivation you have right now, if you want to turn that into real results, I have a system. It's called True Path. It took me over 20 years to develop it's a life management system. It gives you the direction, structure, and accountability needed to become the person you want to be. It's a simple system, but it's Super powerful. So I have this at True Path system com. And so check this out. You get the entire system, which includes the physical book itself that has the system in it. The workshop, the setup, workshop, intro videos. Also, I'll be doing a live coaching sessions each week. If you want to participate into that. All of that for 27 dollars. That's crazy now because you're listening to my Daily mindset. If you enter Encode Mdm, I'm going to give you 25% more off. So that's like 20 dollars. So if you are ready to take your life to the next level, go check it out. The link is in the description. It's True Pass system com. Alright, guys, go out and have an amazing one. And remember, this is your life. Live it your wife.