My Daily Mindset

How to Become Organically Mindful and Start Living a Happier, More Fulfilled Life

July 26, 2021 Casey Moran Season 1 Episode 140
My Daily Mindset
How to Become Organically Mindful and Start Living a Happier, More Fulfilled Life
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Learn how to wake up your brain, so that you are living in the present (mindful) and begin living a better life...Today!

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The more you do it, the better you get at it. That's it. It's plain and simple. So start paying attention today. Like, right now, whatever you're doing, start to pay attention to what you're doing. That is being mindful. Welcome to my daily Mindset, where you get an inspirational educational and motivational message each day to help you live your best life. Today is Mindful Monday. Well, every day should be a mindful day. But we always like to say, Oh, it's Mindful Monday. And the reason I think every day should be mindful day is because mindfulness, in my opinion, is probably the most important trait that we can learn. The reason this is because there's so many different things that happen when you become mindful. So first of all, what is mindful? Right? What is mindfulness? And there's a lot of definitions and interpretations out there, but I like to break it down to the most simplest form. And to me, it's paying attention on purpose purposes. If you pay attention on purpose, you're being mindful. And a lot of people say, Oh, that's easy. And I'm like, No, it's not easy because think about it. We're in Lala Land most of our days, most of our lives. And Lala Land is basically thinking about the past or the future is not being where you are right now. So Let's just take an example. So what are you doing right now? Obviously, you're listening to me, but you may be doing something else. You may be driving. You may be doing chores around the house, like whatever, right. Truly be mindful means you pay attention to that one thing that you're doing and that's it like you focus in. It's like reading is a great example for me, because a lot of times when I'm starting to read, I will read a page and go, Well, what did I just read? Right. And that's me not being mindful. It's also me not just getting into the flow of reading, because once that happens, then you're in. But mindfulness is paying attention on purpose. So you're doing the one thing. So if you're listening to me right now, listen to me, all right? That's it. Obviously, if you're driving to pay attention to the road, that's what you want out to be mindful of. If you want to be paying attention to what you're doing. So that's mindfulness. And why is it so important? Well, there's a number of reasons, but when you can learn to become organically mindful, meaning you no longer have to practice. That's why they call it mindfulness practice. Because you have to practice your brain. You're not going to wake up one day and go, Oh, I'm mindful. It's not the way it works. It's like exercise. You don't wake up one day, and all of a sudden you're, Mr Mr Olympia, just, like, completely fit. You have to worry work. You have to practice to do that. It's the same thing with being mindful. You have to work at it. So that's why they call it mindfulness practice. That's why mindfulness meditation. I do mine every single morning. And then I take a little spots during the day to make sure that I am being mindful. I'm paying attention to whatever I'm doing, whether it's listening to somebody, whether I'm doing the dishes or it doesn't matter. I just go, Okay, click into what you're doing and think about it. Pay attention. Because the more you do it, the better you get at it. It it's plain and simple. So start paying attention today. Like right now, whatever you're doing, start to pay attention to what you're doing. That is being mindful that is exercising your brain, believe it or not, and the more you do it, the better you get at it. And then after a while, after you've done it so much, your mind will start to automatically click into paying attention to whatever you're doing. It's a crazy thing. It took me about six months after I started my heavy mindfulness practice. I was just walking one day and I went, Whoa, it's kind of a different world because you do start to wake up to these different things in organically. Mind is such a different world than our default brain mind, which is what most people walk around. And so how do you get there? You practice. So starting today, pick out something right now. What are you doing right now Besides listening to me or what are you going to do after this? Pick it out, whatever it is and pay attention to it. It doesn't have to be for an hour or two hours. It can be literally for 30 seconds, but pay attention and then start picking spots during the day and go, Oh, Hey, I'm going to be mindful about this. So whatever may be and it's you telling yourself to do it right? So you have to remind yourself to do it. So that's why, again, going back to what I always say, write things down the night before. What are you going to do the next day? Set alarms, all that kind of stuff, and you can do this with mindfulness, like, set an alarm during the day or a few alarms during the day. And when it goes off, you're like, Oh, I'm going to be mindful. Just pick whatever your doing at that moment to be mindful, it doesn't have to be extraordinary. It doesn't have to be big. It can be anything. Like I said, you could be doing the dishes, and you can be mindful, right? You pay attention to actually scrubbing or washing the dishes or putting them in the dishwasher or whatever you pay attention to it, because what do you normally do? You just do it. You don't have to think about it. You don't have to remember how to do it. You know how to do it. So you're off thinking about something else. That's the opposite of being mindful. So starting today and this week, make sure to to be mindful practice it. And I'm telling you, if you can make mindfulness a trait of yours being organically mindful, your life will change in ways that you will never even believe. So it starts right now. So pick something I'm out of here right now. So right now, after this, pick something, be mindful and start practicing on your own. All right, have an amazing Monday. Have an amazing week. I'll see you tomorrow. Remember, this is your life. Live your wife. I appreciate you listening today. And hopefully, you found something useful in today's message. And if you did, and if you did find value, please comment also share it with somebody else that may benefit from this. And if you haven't already, please Subscribe so that you can get an inspirational, educational and motivational message for me every single day.